Landlord / Tenant Law

Suffolk County Landlord / Tenant Lawyer

Landlord / Tenant proceedings involve tremendous risks for both parties. While a defendant-tenant risks eviction from his or her home and the threat of additional financial damages, a defendant-landlord also exposes him or herself to financial damages – often as much as three times the tenant’s actual losses (referred to as “treble damages”). For plaintiffs, both tenants and landlords, a simple mistake such as improper service of process or failure to meet an evidentiary burden can result in the case being dismissed.

The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg handles all landlord tenant matters including:

  • Tenancy Protection
    • Housing Discrimination
    • Warranty of Habitability
  • Summary Proceedings
    • Holdover Proceedings
      • Chronic Late Payment
      • Sublets
      • Pets / Animals
      • Nuisance
      • Destruction of Premises / Property
      • Security Deposit
      • Illegal Use / Drugs
      • Squatters
      • Possession after Termination of Lease or Life Estate
    • Nonpayment Proceedings / Eviction
  • Ejectment Actions
  • Illegal-Lockout Proceedings


There is no substitute for sufficiently drafting / analyzing a lease, investigating a potential landlord or tenant, and inspecting a potential home but if a landlord / tenant dispute arises, it is always advisable to contact a lawyer.

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