DWI / DUI Defense

Huntington DUI and DWI Defense Lawyer

The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg offers aggressive criminal defense in Suffolk County and Nassau County.  A conviction for a driving-related offense can result in the loss of your driver’s license, costly fines, and even jail time.  At the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, we can pursue a range of legal tactics to help you fight your case or reduce the potential consequences of a conviction.  We are dedicated to helping clients charged with DUI obtain dismissal of charges and save their driving privileges. If you have been charged with a DWI / DUI, it is essential to have the assistance of a talented DWI / DUI lawyer.

A New York DUI Arrest

Being arrested for DWI or DUI in New York is unsettling, particularly for law-abiding citizens who suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves under arrest. To those unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, the process can be confusing, dehumanizing and unnerving. The system is governed by archaic procedures, needlessly complicated statutes, and dispiriting formality. Simple explanations from the judge or the court personnel are nearly non-existent; and, if any explanation is given, it is so obtuse and incomprehensible that it’s as if the court officials are safeguarding treasured scripture from unclean hands. In the courtrooms across New York, there is no such thing as “simple.”  Yet, an unwary individual may forfeit unsalvageable constitutional rights and subject himself to unanticipated penalties by accepting an expeditious, but unjust result. A knowledgeable Long Island DWI Lawyer can help.

The Potential Consequences

In New York, operating under the influence of either alcohol or drugs is treated as a serious offense. A conviction for driving under the influence will leave you with a criminal record, deprive you of your license to drive for a lengthy period of time, substantially increase your motor vehicle insurance rates, subject you to hefty court fines and fees, damage your employment prospects, and potentially result in a period of incarceration or a stay at an inpatient treatment facility.

Retaining a Long Island DUI Lawyer is not a Luxury

To fully understand your rights, the potential penalties, and the process, as well as to obtain solid advice, retain a qualified criminal defense attorney.  With so much at stake, retaining a lawyer with both experience and success in defending those accused of operating under the influence is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

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