May 15

Coercive Control in Divorce and Custody Cases in New York

There has been an increasing demand for more New York divorce courts to apply a broader definition of domestic violence – one that includes the well-established concept of coercive control. Coercion and coercive control are increasingly considered a form of domestic violence and has been totally embraced by other states in the U.S. in various.

May 1

Mental Health Issues of Borderline Personality and Narcissism in Custody Litigation

Studies have shown that the presence of personality disorders, such as narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder, is associated with a significant increase in the likelihood of marital conflict and divorce.[i] Such mental health issues frequently arise in New York divorces. Narcissistic individuals and especially narcissistic parents possess a strong sense of entitlement and.

May 1

Distribution of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in a Divorce

It is no secret that cryptocurrency is on the rise. Today, approximately 16 million Americans own at least one form of cryptocurrency.   If you are going through a divorce in New York, and if you or your spouse have acquired crypto assets either before or during your marriage, you may have questions as to how.

February 21

To Nest or Not to Nest in Custody Cases? That is the Question…

Nesting arrangements have gained an increasing amount of attention in recent years as an alternative to traditional custodial options for families going through the often-stressful separation process. Nesting arrangements are quickly becoming a preferred method for custody arrangements due to the inherent benefit to children. Rather than moving the children back and forth between parents’.

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