September 7

Husband Leaves Wife and Gets her Lotto Winnings in Divorce

Husband Leaves Wife and Gets her Lotto Winnings in Divorce

Very frequently married couples will separate without taking any legal action regarding their relationship. Although remaining married can provide certain benefits, such as continued insurance coverage for a spouse who otherwise would have to pay out-of-pocket, failing to file for divorce can have serious legal consequences. Patricia Eisel of Long Island now knows of those consequences. Patricia and Jamie Eisel had been married for over a decade when Jamie left his wife in 2010. Early this year, before either party had filed for divorce, Patricia won the New York lottery and received a lump-sum of approximately $8 million after taxes.

September 2

Ex-Husband Incarcerated for Failure to Maintain Life Insurance

Ex-Husband Incarcerated for Failure to Maintain Life Insurance

Provisions in divorce decrees or settlement agreements mandating that one party maintain a life insurance policy, often to secure payment of child support or spousal maintenance, are very common.   Just like any other provision of a court order, failure to obey can result in a finding of contempt. The plaintiff (and former-wife) in DA v..

August 30

Inadvisable Ways of Dealing With The Stress of Litigation

The parties in family law and matrimonial litigation experience a wide array of emotions with anger and bitterness being two of the most common.  Threats and even physical attacks occur far too frequently.  One of my law school professors often recounts a story from his time as a judge when a litigant in a child.

August 6

Financial Consequences of a Short-Term Marriage

Many people ask about the financial consequences of a divorce of a short-term marriage. There are frequent stories in the news about divorces resulting in enormous property distributions and long-term spousal maintenance (what was once known as alimony) awards but those considering a divorce should realize these awards are generally reserved for longer marriages.

New York’s Domestic Relations Law allows the courts to order (1) equitable distribution of “marital property” and (2) maintenance.

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