August 2

Factors in Calculating Child Support – Linda Evangelista seeking $46,000 per month

New York’s Family Court Act states that “the parents of a child under the age of twenty-one years are chargeable with the support of such child and . . . shall be required to pay for child support a fair and reasonable sum as the court may determine.” The statute explains that the amount of support shall be calculated generally based upon a percentage of the combined parental income which leads to the obvious conclusion that a parent with a large income will be chargeable with higher support obligations. As reported lately, Linda Evangelista has petitioned the Manhattan Family Court for child support from Francois-Henri Pinault for their son and undoubtedly, this case will yield a very substantial support order.

July 23

New York’s Jurisdiction in Dissolving a Civil Union

In the wake of New York’s new same-sex marriage law (The Marriage Equality Act), many may forget that some states that refuse to allow same-sex marriage do offer what is known as a “civil union.”  Civil unions, first offered in the United States by Vermont in 2000, are a legally-recognized relationship with generally all of.

July 19

A Child’s Standing to Seek a Modification of Custody

Black’s Law Dictionary defines standing as “[a] party’s right to make a legal claim or seek judicial enforcement of a duty or right.”  Generally only a child’s parents or close-relations such as family members have standing to seek a change in custody or visitation.  The Otsego Family Court addressed this issue in Matter of Trosset.

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