Free Consultation

If you wish to schedule a free consultation, please call us  at 631-600-3295. Our policy is to schedule a meeting as quickly as possible.  Often, same-day appointments are available, as well as evening appointments or weekend appointments in order to accommodate the needs of our clients.  As with all attorney/client communication, the information discussed at your initial consultation is completely confidential.

Depending on where you are in the process, this optional checklist will help you identify documents that may assist us in assessing your legal position and representing you more effectively. This checklist is provided for your convenience. It is not required that you bring any or all of these documents to your initial consultation:

  • Any relevant correspondence, court pleadings or court documents, including prior orders
  • Current pay stubs for each party
  • Tax returns for all years of the marriage
  • Most recent annual Social Security statement for each party
  • Deeds for any real estate owned by either party
  • Most recent appraisals of any real estate owned
  • Mortgage statements reflecting current balances owed
  • Statements evidencing values of stocks, bonds, annuities, CDs, IRAs, whole/variable life insurance policies
  • Current credit card statements
  • Loan balances for all debt
  • Statements for pension and retirement accounts
  • Copy of any pre-nuptial agreement signed
  • Documentation regarding pre-marital assets
  • Any other information that you think may be useful

A free initial meeting gives the client an opportunity to decide if The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg will meet the client’s needs. The consultation is entirely confidential between you and the attorney.

Please contact us today to schedule your consultation. We can be reached by telephone at 631-600-3295 or by email at

We promptly return e-mails and telephone calls, during business hours and on nights, weekends and holidays. We pride ourselves on being accessible to you from the start to finish of your case.