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Obtain a Successful Resolution in Even the Most Complex Divorce

Rarely is deciding to pursue a divorce an easy choice. Ending a marriage or breaking up with a partner is an emotionally difficult and stressful time. For high net worth individuals, a divorce can mean a tremendous loss of wealth. On the other hand, for a stay at home parent, a divorce often comes with the fear of being unable to meet your needs and the needs of children.  Poor planning or poor representation can put finances and even safety in danger.

The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg understands how the importance and delicate nature of such matters. We take great pride in guiding clients through divorce in Suffolk, New York with confidence and success.

Rarely are divorces or custody arrangements or simple and straightforward. Similarly, complicated financial matters including business interests, retirement accounts, pensions stocks, trusts, and real estate will complicate the divorce. We focus on guiding our clients in such cases and resolving matters with the precision required.

The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg has represented doctors and homemakers; lawyers and stay at home parents; business executives and those struggling with drug issues.  We have litigated same-sex marriages and foreign divorces.  When you work with us, we begin the process by discussing your options of contested and uncontested divorce, including potential negotiations, settlements, and litigation. Every divorce in the Huntington is specific and every family has its own needs and goals for the future. Your goals and your needs will guide us forward in your case.  Call us at with one of our lawyers today.

Long Island Divorce Procedures

Negotiated Divorce Agreement

A divorce settlement is a written agreement negotiated through lawyers detailing the various terms of a couple’s divorce including custody, support, alimony, and property matters.  The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, we meticulously walk our clients through this nuanced process in order reach the client’s goals.

Divorce Litigation

Contested divorce litigation is always available when necessary to protect a client and to advance a case when the other party refuses reasonable negotiations.  Contested divorce litigation entails court appearances and, frequently written motions.  A Judge in Suffolk County or Nassau County will hear your matter and, if necessary, have a trial to apply New York divorce law to the facts and circumstances of your case.  Be assured that while we resolve most matters without the cost or stress of a trial, the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg is experienced and respected at trial.

The Best Huntington Divorce Lawyer For Your Needs

Choosing divorce is an enormous decision with wide-reaching consequences. The New York divorce process can be challenging but we are here to assist you from pre-case planning to post-judgment motions and paperwork.  Contact us online or call our office now at 631-600-3295 to discuss your case with your Huntington divorce attorney.