Fees and Rates

Fees are determined based on many factors in your case.  In a divorce, those factors may include matters of custody, family violence, restraining orders, age of children, their preferences, amount of assets to be divided, debt to be divided, number of retirement accounts, child abuse issues, necessary enforcement actions, relocation issues, criminal conduct, bankruptcy and tax issues, illegal surveillance matters, necessity of valuating a business, etc.

We offer many options regarding legal fees including:

  • Hourly or flat-rate fees based on the nature of your case
  • No interest payment plans
  • Fee “caps.” No matter how many hours are spent on the matter, the total fee will not exceed an agreed-upon maximum sum.
  • We accept most major credit cards.
  • No fee for the initial consultation
  • Motions to compel the opposing party to pay your legal fees

Family Law and Divorce Cost Saving Tips

  1. Identify your most important top three issues prior to visiting an attorney.
  2. Gathering good information for both sides, that the attorney does not have to go get, can save you money such as contact and addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, employment information, monthly income and expense information, tax records, mortgage records, etc.
  3. Provide a secure e-mail address where you can receive copies of all documents worked on by your attorney. Documents can be scanned and sent to you faster and more cost effectively than using other means.
  4. The more time you spend getting school records, immunization records, police records, etc., the less time you pay your attorney to do so. You need to see if it is cost effective for you to do this or will actually save you money for your attorney to do so. Some documents needed as evidence will best be acquired by your legal counsel.


Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer

We are proud to offer military, police and public servant discounts.  Please contact us for details.

Most importantly, please feel comfortable discussing fees and asking questions about the fees.  Call us now at 631-600-3295 to schedule your free consultation with Huntington Attorney Louis L. Sternberg.